One-Sided Coin (xxtaintedtayxx) wrote in resdog_fic,
One-Sided Coin

Hi, New Here!

So, I figured that after stalking all of these stories and joyously devouring every one of them, I should probably come out of lurkage and introduce m'self to all you lovely ladies and gentlemen (at least, those of you who are still particularly active). I saw Reservoir Dogs about two weeks ago and needless to say I was enchanted by the artistic (yes, artistic) albeit vulgar (but hey, who am I to complain, I probably say worse on a day-to-day basis) language and plot and ending (which couldn't have happened any other way). Hence, here I am after searching for basically all of the Reservoir Dogs fanfiction and art available on the web. I'm not gonna lie, I ship Orange and White very profusely and hope to contribute a few stories of m'own for them (not art, since I lack all skills that involve shapes and angles and colors) but I plan to write some gen, and perhaps some other pairings in the future. I am hoping maybe this place can become more active perhaps? Anywho, I love all the stories and I love this place and I will now proceed to continuing basking in all of your awesomeness after disappearing in a flurry of magic and sparkles. Whoosh.
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