Mr. Pink (likeprofesional) wrote in resdog_fic,
Mr. Pink

~Discussion Time: What if Mr. Pink was gay?

I'm hoping this community isn't completely dead. That'd make me sad. Seriously guize, I just saw the film for the first time like two weeks ago. Mr. Orange surprised me. Don't ask me how I avoided that spoiler this long, I have no idea.

Anywho, I was discussing this with a friend; and by 'discussing' I mean delving into Mr. Pink's characterization as much as possible (thank you, film, for giving us no backstory). And I thought, 'What if he really is gay?'

Consider: He never outright denies it when Joe calls him that. When the other guys LOL, he just has this look (icon! and yes I was watching him way too closely on my second viewing) that isn't really anger at the 'faggot' statement, but it seems, possibly, that he's eye-rolling at the other dudes lack of maturity. Its like 'Seriously, guys? Stop acting like high school jocks.'

He seems more opposed to the color than the reason behind it. (Pink = pussy = masculinity issues?) The color he requests after, purple, is really not much better than pink, if you think about it. Then again, I was 6 in 1992 so, for frame of reference, is purple a more manly color than pink? Because its an off-shade of blue?

So. Yeah. Discuss? Ideas? I'm all curious here.
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